BLASTMAP™ Ill is a complete blast planning, design and analysis software.

Blastmap v3.106

New features, updates and bug fixes:

Improved user experience

Major updates to the navigational icons and components.

Charge Instruction

Displays charging instruction with side view report and drawing.

Additional Integration

Integration with BME’s XPLOLOG™ Drill and Charge data capturing and reporting software.

3d, 360°

View your blast through 3600 in 3D.

Fire-time contouring

For multi-screen use. On-screen real-time updating.

Minor Bug Fixes

Available for purchase at an additional monthly license fee:

Through Seam

A blast design module that enables a user to add surfaces and charging rules. BLASTMAP™ III will create the decks with charge and/or stemming automatically.

Fly Rock Prediction

Fly rock prediction added to Design Analysis.

Fragmentation Prediction

Fragmentation prediction with Kuzram model or BME in house model.

PPV Prediction

Peak Particle Velocity prediction can be done on prediction points. These points can be added as a grid or individual points. They can be manually entered or imported from coordinates. Each prediction point will give you a detail summery of the instantaneous information and the ability to change the fire time on the fly


Contour fire time, burden response, effective burden response, hole depth, explosive distribution and PPV.

Pattern designer

Create and save pattern designs to BLASTMAP™ database. The pattern designer has built in rule of thumb checks and guides you to create a proper pattern design.

Timing analysis

Interactive timing chart , giving you the ability to change the fire time of specific decks firing at an instantanious moment


Multiple reports can be generated per blast design. The reports include drilling instruction, charging instruction, technical ,cost and quantities , just to name a few.

Features Overview

  • Import survey data of the block geometry, holes and surface
  • Virtually create a blast and pattern with hole diameters, adding explosive and rock types
  • View a 360° rendering in 3D of a blast
  • Charge and timing designs based on actual hole positions
  • Calculate costs and quantities based on actual drilling information
  • Use the import wizard to import any text or xlsx data file from 3rd party software
  • Export design information to a csv file. This allows for 3rd party software such as drill navigation software for drilling according to the design
  • Optimised for use with AXXIS™ electronic delay detonators
  • Import/export AXXIS™ electronic detonator IDs and design timing
  • Support for non-electric and electronic timing designs
  • Multiple deck capability for designing specialised blasts, such as multi-seam or stratified rock, including vibration control
  • Analyse blast timing using various timing simulation options
  • Wave interference modelling for optimising timing for either vibration control or optimal fragmentation
  • Powerful contouring capabilities for blast timing, surface and floor elevations, vibration maps and energy distribution in a blast (multi-screen display capability)
  • Through-seam charge design capability including decked timing for different horizons
  • Mine planning – ability to import pit surfaces and triangulate hole collar elevations
  • Reporting capabilities for blast design and communicating critical design elements such as costs, quantities and energy


Operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Microsoft Dot Net Framework 4.0


Ram: 4 Gb
Disk space: 500 Mb
Processor: Dual Core 2.00 GHz
Operating system type: 32 bit


Ram: 8 Gb
Disk space: 500 Mb
Processor: Core i7 2.00 GHz
Operating system type: 64 bit