On-line technical services and solutions

Do you have a blasting project or optimization challenge that you seek a solution for?

BME now offers on-line technical services and solutions consultation with experienced explosive engineering specialists. In addition to BME’s in-house technical staff, we also work closely with other recognized 3rd party blasting and mining specialists to realize the best project outcomes for you.

The initial on-line consultation to discuss and scope out your blasting project is free of charge. Following the initial consultation, and any required follow up, you will receive a written project plan and lump sum fee offer to execute the proposed service or solution.

BME's technical services and solutions include:

And are not limited to – 

Fragmentation distribution prediction

for surface greenfield sites

Fragmentation distribution optimization

to support mine-to-mill initiatives at established surface and underground sites

Vibration prediction and management

Surface and underground ore and waste ground mixing minimization

Rock characterization and specifications for blasting in hot and/or reactive ground

Coal cast blasting optimization and through seam blasting design

Highwall blast design and management

Presplit blasting, trim blasting, production blasting

Novel and disruptive blast design and mining methods

Blast design systems and assessment technologies

Blast recording and field data acquisition

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